How "A Little Place Called Home" came about. 

A little place called home (ALPCH) was founded by Carolina in 2014, with a clear objective; to bring tranquility, peace and mental freedom to those who wanted to understand themselves better.  Through counselling and coaching services Carolina has been able to help individuals move through difficult issues and situations to live a more fulfilling life.

Carolina is a firm believer that we all have the capacity to move through difficult situations, and we all need a little nudge and guidance to see our life from a different perspective.

Her biggest gift to her clients is teaching "the art of detachment" it has to be noted Carolina has a particular approach she is often described as funny, witty, and with a huge zest for life, you will have so many "Aha" moments that you will leave with a big smile and laughing 😄.


In 2016 ALPCH broadened its services to Capacity Building by developing resources, training material and facilitating workshops for Non- Profits and Government Agencies as well as  for individuals,  parents and carers. With a key focus of enhancing an individual's skills, knowledge, resources, and abilities to effectively handle challenges, pursue goals, and lead a more fulfilling life. 


After the covid pandemic Carolina saw a rise of people starting to advocate for themselves but noticed that many didn't have all the tools to have their voices heard. 

This lead  her to start having conversations with different group members of the community on "What is Self Advocacy" ?  and "How do you Advocate for yourself or a family member" ? Fast forward and in 2023 she released a six week coaching program where she delves in depth, on "How to Self Advocate"  with plenty of tools and strategies for any challenging situation be, professional or personal. 


Her mission through out her long trajectory is to guide and teach others how to RECOGNISE  the TOOLS you already possess. The approach is not about empowerment, but rather about fostering awareness. We're here to help you uncover your INNER EXPERTISE and provide guidance as you navigate your personal journey. 


If you would like to know more about Carolina and her team  don't hesitate in reaching out to her, she very much enjoys connecting and helping others. 


Love ALPCH team xx